Mike Weaver Turned His Chicken Farm into a Hemp Farm

Mike Weaver was a contract farmer who raised chickens for Pilgrim’s Pride. He now uses his old chicken barns to grow hemp plants for CBD oil. The transition has set him on a better financial track and will enable him to employ more workers on his farm. You can learn more about Mike’s farm here.
  • Introduction
  • Financial struggles from chicken farming
  • The switch to growing hemp plants
  • A new financial future
  • Summary of Transfarmation benefits
I hope this creates a whole lot of new jobs and new revenue for the farm. Farmers in America are in bad shape. … I’m trying to do my part to get that changed. Growing these hemp plants should be in the $2 million per year income range, and my net should be 40%–50%. I think the best year I had with chickens was when I netted $7,000.

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