Transfarmation Is a Finalist for the Food Planet Prize—the World’s Biggest Environmental Award!

Transfarmation Is a Finalist for the Food Planet Prize—the World’s Biggest Environmental Award!

  • Hannah Bugga

Yes, you read that right! The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize—the biggest environmental award in the world—is down to seven final nominees, and Transfarmation is one of them! At the end of June, our founder, Leah Garcés, and our director, Tyler Whitley, will travel to Sweden to give a presentation and answer questions from a jury before a final decision is made.

This is an incredible honor. From over a thousand nominated projects, Transfarmation’s inclusion among the seven finalists confirms the growing awareness of factory farming’s environmental toll. The Food Planet Prize website states: 

[The prize] can only ever go to projects within the food system. Because nothing we do as humans impact the environment in which we live more negatively than the way we eat today. To save the Food Planet, we must accelerate change and there is no more time to waste.

What is the Food Planet Prize?

The Food Planet Prize is the world’s biggest environmental award and is intended to promote a sustainable global food system. Nominees are promising up-and-coming changemakers with potential to create real and lasting change. The prize is given to those working to “transform our food system into one that can sustainably support us all in harmony with the environment.”

What Does This Nomination Mean for Transfarmation?

Our amazing, hard-working team, pictured here with one of our farmers,  is a big part of why Transfarmation is a finalist for the Food Planet Prize.

Being a finalist for such a prestigious award helps legitimize Transfarmation’s methods as viable tactics for bettering our food system and protecting the environment. Part of our mission is to build solidarity with other movements and shift societal narratives in order to change culture and realize a just and sustainable food system. This nomination brings us one step closer to that goal. 

The rigorous application process was spearheaded by five dedicated Transfarmation members, who will continue to drive our mission and advocate for our farmers. Whether we take home the prize or not, this nomination is just another sign that our work can help save the world.